The Capitol Steps

Sixteen Scandals:

Twenty Years of Sex, Lies and
Other Habits of Our Great Leaders

by William Strauss and Elaina Newport


Sixteen Scandals The book+CD that captured the Capitol Steps' first twenty years of existence! Sixteen Scandals takes you back to a simpler time -- when Russia was still the "Evil Empire," ketchup was a vegetable, and there was barely one George Bush, let alone two.

Rediscover the humor in each scandal from Reagan to Dubya, from Iran-Contra to the Monkey Business, from "Read my lips" to Whitewater, Bimbogate, hanging chads and Enron.

Laugh along with these moments and more while you listen to 52 classic musical parodies on the accompanying audio CD, including:

  • Superfranticunproductivenothinglegislation
  • Workin' 9 to 10
  • Ronald R Superstar
  • The Wreck of the Walter Fritz Mondale
  • Thank God I'm A Contra Boy
  • Stand By Your Dan
  • I Want a Man with a Slow Mind
  • The Loonies of the Right
  • Unzippin' My Doodah
  • Livin' Libido Loco
  • Don't Go Faking You're Smart

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