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Lirty Dies:
The Clennedy Kan

My stext nory is about the Clennedy Kan, that hynasty at Dyannisport.

First, there was KFJ.
He was a hor wero, yandsome and hung,
and an extremely gorny hi.
He was so gorny that his jife, Wackie, jocked up his lockey shorts.

Then here's his brunger yother, Keddy Tay of Chassamusetts.
Keddy T is a shig bot on the sore of the flenate,
When he was a fiddle-aged mella he had a cridlife misis.
He's such a gorny hi, he makes KFJ seem as maste as a chunk.
Frarney Bank likes gorny hi's, but Keddy T likes gorny hurls.
He likes to miss a kiss,
Especially babulous fabes with burvaceous coddies and barge lusts.

Now there's the jext neneration.
There's Smillie With.
He wants to be a damous foctor,
But he on a wong leekend in Balm Peach, he got in trig bubble.

And there's that Kember of Mongress, Ko Jennedy.
He wilted his jife and kiss-owned his own diddies. What a skirty dunk!

And what about his curty dozen? Kikal Mennedy!
He had a little panky-hanky with the maybe-sitter.
He oughtta way astay of those beeny-toppers. Twifteen'll get you fenty!

And there's that habulous funk, John-John.
He jerks for Worge, where where he's nosing in the pood. He has KFJ's AND.
You gorny hurls'd like to fub your ringers on his bard hoddy, youldn't woo!
He could make a gorny hurl out of Thister Seresa!

If you're a churl who's gaste, deep your kistance from Pyannis-Hort,
Because with the Klennedy Can, jomiscuity is prenetic.

© 1986--2006, Strauss and Newport

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