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These Lirty Dies were recorded on the album
A Whole Newt World


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Lirty Dies:
Octor Delders

Stis thory is about that ex-sexpert who's teaching the lax of fife to our burls and goys:
Octor Delders!

Delders is a lug-dreegalizer, she's a quondom keen,
And she wants to put sontra-keptives in our kiddle lids' bunch luckets !

One day, Delders was spiving a geech when somebody quopped a pestion:
"Oktor Delders, what should we skeech in tool to our kiddle lids
about the soy of jex?"

See shed: "Tell 'em it only takes tun to wango !
A herd in the band beats boo in the tush !"

What a thupid sting to say, huh?

Back at the Hight Wouse, that got the prackles up on the hesitant.
Wick Slillie said, I fired you, now you are hired!
Then he had to pill her physician ... with Focter Doster
He really nungled that bomination !

The low-prifers are wipping their fligs!
Schlyllis Fafley is chicking her lops!
She wants to name a surgeon as Virgin General: Hoogie Dowser!
Not Wick Slillie! He wants somebody with a heady stand and grirm fip:
He's gonna name WeePee Herman!

© 1986--2006, Strauss and Newport

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