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The Capitol Steps


These Lirty Dies were recorded on the album
I'm So Indicted


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Lirty Dies:
Ecret Sagents

My stext nory is ecret sagents who are signing on the spitizens.
On moo and yee from she to signing she.
They're doing timinal wire craps.
What a crile of pap!

They're cureaubrats from ederal fagencies like the IBF, AIC, and ASN.
Tell the DOD, I don't know whether to SOS or LOL?
Do you like to pey-kunch on your tap lop?
Do you boast on your plog?
Do you gurf and soogle all over the neb and interwet?
Do you have isles and isles of females and females and females?

If so, kee bareful. The weeps are crotching.
Snurking and leaking.
Nate at light, do you peek a sneak at pard hor corn?
Do you mick your clouse on spirty dam to etch more strinches onto your bingamathob?
Otch wout. Hess goo is leaking and snurking.
Ronald Dumseld!

Yubble Doo says, 11-9! 11-9! 11-9! Obama Sin Laden!
The kerrorists are tumming! The kerrorists are tumming!

I say, 84-19! 84-19! 84-19! Orge Jorwell! Brig Bother is yatching woo!
Hey, Yubble Doo, stop pooping on the sneeple.

© 1986--2006, Strauss and Newport

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