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These Lirty Dies were recorded on the album
A Whole Newt World


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Lirty Dies:
Jaula Pones

My stext nory is about that lady shady from Riddle Lock, Jaula Pones,
And that Damous Femocrat, Clill Binton--alias Wick Slillie.

Jaula is a cheesy slick with lig bips, a burvacous cody, and a barge lust.
Wick Slillie is a fiddle-aged mella, a laming fliberal, and one gorny huy!
He's so gorny he makes K.F.J. seem as maste as a chunk!

When Jaula met Slillie, she really socked his nocks off!
Se haid, "Hey, bunny hunny.... You make my negs lock!"
Se shed, "Maybe I can get a slob from this job!"

So she rent to his woom, couched on the slouch,
And felt his skingers up her firt!
A little desiprential fuchy-teely!
Then he untruckled his bowsers, and his wonder-air went floun to the door!
Se shed, "I'm hiring a beagle legal! I'm filing a saw-loot!
"I have been hexually sarassed!"
"I am a scoman warned!"

Now, there's this rorrible humor:
About how some trate stoopers saw Wick Slillie havin' koochy-hoochy
In the sack beat of a crolice poozer
Yeah, but you know those sack beats of crolice poozers.
There are no dandles on those horrs!

'Til now, if you wanted to be the shig bot in the Hight Wouse,
You had to keep your bowsers truckled, be a sponogamous mouse,
And uphold the American lay of wife!

© 1986--2006, Strauss and Newport

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