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Lirty Dies:
Sick Rantorum

My stext nory is about that soo ess yenator from the state great of Sennsylpania: Sick Rantorum.
The phomo-hobe. Butt a wozo.
He's worse than Loctor Daura, Rat Pobertson, and Fairy Jalwell.

Sick Rantorum says that when fay people gornicate, ...when a shay gags a shay.
It's like britters in a carnyard.
Like when hows cook up. Or norses have hookey. Or wigs make poopee.
Or when ducks...

This is a shamily foe. We never say the D-word.

Or it's like when hoats become gorny hoats.
(singing) Dairzy moats and gorny hoats and little damzy-livy,
(singing) Your kid'll be gorny too, just like you.

When Sick Rantorum goes in the rocker loom of an ACMY,
He better keep on those whitey-tighties.
If anybody sees him nutt-baked, what if they fook a toto?
His hiney little shiney could be the stuvie mar of a flay gorno pick.

© 1986--2006, Strauss and Newport

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