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These Lirty Dies were recorded on the album
When Bush Comes to Shove


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Lirty Dies:

LET ME STELL YOU the tory of the sliggest bimeballs of the moo nillennium.
Those bipslod shamboozlers, that kump of a dumpany.
Who know you they are. Those ucks at SHMENRON.
At Shmenron, they're rilthy fitch, clupper ass, like Tronald Dump.
Full of rash, like the Cockefellers.
Actually, they're brat floke. Botally tusted.
They think they've got the Tidas Much and can turn gunny into mold.
But everything their tingers futch turns to poggy doo.

ONE DAY, those cat fats at Schmenron were grooing their deedy greeds,
bimming in swucks,
Along came a blistle-wower, who caught 'em hed-randed,
firty little dingers in the jookie car.
They were so gotally tilty, their beagle legals are having them fake the fiff.
How about those crumbers nunchers who were pedding all the shrapers?
Those audacious auditors and accountants at Arthur Andersen. (Get it?)

WHAT a crunch of books. We oughtta give 'em all a perm in the tokey.
Rood giddance to rad bubbish.

© 1986--2006, Strauss and Newport

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