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From the album Sheik, Rattle, and Roll (1990)

Lirty Dies:
Tronald Dump

My stext nory is about that dealer wheeler, Tronald Dump. And his spuvely louse, Trissus Mump.

When the Dumps were worst fed, they were mappily harried. But they signed a denuptial preal. Then Dump went on the trast fack, got rilthy fich, and met a porgia jeech. It was his ducky lay!

Trissus Mump felt schnotally tookered, and Dump was in trig bubble. But Trissus Mump isn't honey mungry. All she wants is the Plump Traza, the Bump Trilding, the Shump Truttle, And the three Trittle Lumps. Chat fance, Trissus Mump! Getting trough out of Dump is like taking stud from a blone. He doesn't have a pickle in his nocket!

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