Herman Cain (1945-2020)

Herman Cain Herman Cain passed away last week from complications of covid-19. The one-time presidential contender was known for his "9-9-9" tax plan, his mastery of geography, and abruptly "suspending" his campaign after accusations of inappropriate behavior.

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From our album Take the Money and Run for President (2012).

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Week of August 10

Stopping evictions during the current crisis isn't brain surgery, but President Trump isn't taking any chances. By executive order, he has directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development to cut deadbeat tenants and homeowners a break so they don't lose their homes or furniture. And he's got the right man on the job, Secretary Dr. Ben Carson.

Week of August 3

Robert Mueller might be headed back to Congress. After the special counsel and former FBI director published an op-ed defending Roger Stone's conviction, Senate Judiciary chairman Lindsay Graham said he would call Mueller to testify. But Republicans might regret it, given how badly the last hearings turned out for the Democrats.

Week of July 27

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took down her Republican colleague, Ted Yoho, on the floor of the House for his use of some unprintable words about her. That's why she's a star.

From the album The Lyin' Kings (2019). See live performance video on YouTube.

Week of July 20

Donald Trump just did in public what Republicans once accused President Obama of doing: pressuring the I.R.S. into revoking the tax-exempt status of perceived political opponents. As if the I.R.S. didn't have enough to worry about these days.

From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of July 13

Betsy DeVos says it's "imperative" for your kids to get back to school five days a week this fall, in person. But she's fuzzy on the details. She doesn't know if schools should follow CDC guidelines, she doesn't know what to if schools have more than "a little flare-up," and she doesn't even know if funding should be cut off for schools that don't reopen.

From the album Orange Is the New Barack (2017).

Week of July 6

When President Trump threatened CNN over its coverage of his July 4th speech, the network was baffled, tweeting "What. Are. You. Talking. About?" Or maybe they were just pretending to be confused. Covering this White House is a tough beat.

From the album Orange Is the New Barack (2017)

Week of June 29

Jack Abramoff is heading to prison — again! The once-powerful K Street lobbyist made a show of reforming himself after his 2010 release from prison. Then as now, the Justice Department wasn't impressed. Here's how Jack's schemes worked.

From the album I'm So Indicted (2006)

Week of June 22

After losing in two big cases last week, President Trump called for "new justices" on the Supreme Court. That only happens if he gets a new vacancy, something the current justices are trying hard to avoid.

See live performance video on YouTube! From the album Orange Is the New Barack (2017)