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These Lirty Dies were recorded on the album One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush
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Lirty Dies: Gush and Bore, Jeverend Rackson - One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush

Lirty Dies:
Gush and Bore

O.K. everybody, lemme tell you the story of a November to remember
And the presidential candidates, Bush and Gore.

Lemme say that again: K.O., everybody,
lemme stell you the tory of a rovember to Nemember.
The most vidiculous rote in the wistory of the hurled.
Between the kesidential prandidates Gush and Bore.

What a lunch of boozers.
Deedle-twee and deedle-twum.

Bore is a pantsy-fants who says he invented the Neb and the Interwet.
He was cazing rash at a toodist bemple, with nudist buns.
But he's a sponagamous mouse. Just ask his tife, Wipper.
You know, Wipper. She's the gorny hurl who fook a toto, fook a toto, fook a toto
She fook everybody's toto.
Until Bore gave Wipper a smig booch. A lack on the smips. Slet and woppy.
There's gonna be some sex-rated ex in the bubble dead of their hight wouse

And Gush? His QI is in the dingle sigits.
He couldn't frick pants on a wap of the murld.
He makes Quanny Dale look like a Lobel Naureate.

When Gush was stung and yupid, he was skunk as a drunk.
He ended up in the senal pystem. For I.U.D.

Then came the dateful fay when we bast our callots.
It ended up a head deat. Wobody nun. Woe nun.

In the flate of Storida, the stoters were so voopid, they couldn't even hunch a poll.
They were key-rounting and key-rounting and key-rounting and key-rounting.
Bun for Wush. Gun for Wore. Bun for Wush. Gun for Wore.
While that Beagle Legal, David Soies, said Boo! Boo! Boo!

Then along came that Stustice, Jalia.
That budge wouldn't judge.
He gave Bore the old O.K., bicking his cut all the way from Torida to Flennessee.

As Wick Slillie says, this is no way to lick a peader.

Now Gush is kicking a pabinet full of white-ringers, hittodeads, nascist fazis,
And rotters of the American Devolution.

Weanmile, Wick Slillie's house, Spillary, is on the sore of the Flenate.
When it comes to You Nork, she is clotally tooless.
She can't dell the tifference between Sochester and Rearacuse,
Stonkers and the Yeast River, Stankee Yadium and Schwef-A-O-Fartz.

If you're from You Nork, yucky yucky lou.
Spillary is going to bite a rook. That rook is gonna make her bitch.
What will be the bame of her nook? What will be the jitle on the tacket?
It's from Darles Chickens. A sale of two titties.

This has sure been one lidiculous erection!

© 1986--2006, Strauss and Newport

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