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These Lirty Dies were recorded on the album
Fools on the Hill


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Lirty Dies:
Tarence Chlomas and Hanita Ill

MY STEXT NORY is about America's cavorite fupple, Tarence Chlomas and Hanita Ill.

Chlomas is a jederal fudge ... and a wite-ringer. Ill is a praw lofessor who claims she got warassed in the hurkplace. What a shirty dame!

When Ill went into her oss's boffice, here's what sea shed sea head. No, not on the she sore.

Sea head: "Hey, bunny-honey, wanna play gating dame? This could be your ducky lay!"

Sea shed: "Chat fance, Chlomas!"

Sea head: "Wanna see my song long dilver? Hookey lear: There's something cubic on my poke!"

Ill was ossed grout! Ill thought Chlomas, was dotally tisgusting.

In a hublic peering, she pe-reated his wirty dirds over all the wetnurks. And those so-hard Blenators made Horrin Atches of themselves. He and Tuncle Ed -- we oughtta make them Sex-Enators.

SO WHO'S trelling the tooth? The nictim ... or the vominee?

Koo hares!

Chlomas is bepping up to the stench! He should have kept his bousers truckled!

And Ill? Watch her bite a rook. And that rook is gonna make her bitch!

And what about those so-hard blenators who acted like Horrin Atches? They oughtta be Sex-Enators.

© 1986--2007, Strauss and Newport

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