The Capitol Steps
November 2004


All presidents face situations they didn't imagine when they first campaigned, and that's never been more true than during the last four years.

Here's a look back on some highlights of the first term of the second President Bush.

George W. Bush became only the second President in the history of the Republic to follow his father's footsteps into the Oval Office. He proved early, though, that he was his own man.

My Staff Belongs to Daddy
[ My Heart Belongs to Daddy ]

From the album One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush New Bush

After America was attacked on September 11, 2001, President Bush was determined to act, whatever it took.

Who'll Drop a Bomb...?
[ Who Put the Bomp? ]

From the album When Bush Comes to Shove

In his 2002 State of the Union, President Bush identified the "Axis of Evil" threatening the U.S. It turns out that one of the three really does have nuclear capabilities.

[ Maria ]

From the album Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Bush came to office with the legacy of budget surpluses for the first time in decades. He comes to the end of his first term presiding over the largest debt and deficits ever.

Ain't No Surplus
[ Ain't No Sunshine ]

From the album Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad

After inspectors failed to find weapons in Iraq and the U.N. failed to act, it was time for President Bush to lead.

Lirty Dies: Maddam and Yubble-Doo
[ Read this and other Lirty Dies . ]

From the album Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Like his father, George W. built and international coalition for the invasion of Iraq. The result showed the difference between the two men.

[ Camelot ]

From the album Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad

President Bush called himself a war president, and with the original justification for war having vanished, he continues to maintain it was the right course to make America safe. That's how voters will judge his first term come November 2.

Someone Dumber Might
[ Summer Nights ]