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Fidel Castro The last leader from the First Cold War is finally gone. Castro managed to survive invasion attempts, assassination attempts, and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He even avoided doing a casino deal with the new president-elect. Despite alleged embargo violations in pursuit of business on the island, Trump never closed the deal. Maybe Fidel was on to him.


From the album Fools on the Hill (1992).

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Week of November 28

Jill Stein's recount effort is getting more attention than her candidacy ever did. Voters sent in cash. The Clinton campaign joined in. Then Donald Trump weakened the integrity of his own win by claiming there was widespread voter fraud after all. Did Stein predict the kind of storm she was unleashing? Could we end up with another recount controversy like the Bush-Gore election? Back in 2000, some Florida voters who were careless, not fraudulent, could conceivably have tipped the result by accidentally punching their "butterfly ballots" for the wrong candidate.

From the album One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush (2001).

Week of November 21

Duck Dynasty is finally going off the air, and the timing couldn't be better for the Trump transition team. Trump needs first-rate cabinet appointees, and soon Phil Robertson will be available to serve as U.N. ambassador, coming with the recommendation of Ted Cruz. His previous anti-gay and racist statements led to a suspension in 2013, but to the incoming administration Phil's a defender of free speech who says that Trump's critics "need to lighten up."

From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of November 14

Last spring, 28% of Americans said they would move to Canada if Donald Trump were elected president. (Not counting Ted Cruz moving back to Canada.) Maybe they were serious: on election night, Canada's immigration website crashed due to overwhelming traffic. But will Canada take them?

From the album What to Expect When You're Electing (2016). See a live performance on YouTube.

Week of November 7

Decision time! Just one more day until final votes are cast and counted. So in a public service to help this campaign cycle's undecided voters, we bring you one final debate between the major party presidential candidates. And for the record number of Americans who have already voted early, you can begin drinking now to get a head start on Tuesday night.

Week of October 31

Just when Hillary Clinton thought she could glide to victory and not have to worry about FBI director James Comey ever again, he evened up the October surprise score in this campaign at 1-1. Hillary might never be able to forgive Comey, but if she still manages to win the election, she'll be in a position to pardon herself. Back in July, it looked like she was in the clear when Comey said that "no reasonable prosecutor" would bring charges.

Week of October 24

When Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called Donald Trump "a faker," he tweeted: "Her mind is shot - resign!" Maybe she was just distracted. What else is on her mind? In recent interviews plugging her new book, she seems especially concerned about seeing President Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland, confirmed soon.

Week of October 17

Wikileaks released transcripts of Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches, with a little help from Russia. Bernie Sanders once said, "I kind of think if you're going to be paid $225,000 for a speech, it must be a fantastic speech." The reality: not so much. So why did Hillary choose to give all those private speeches for so much money? It's simple. She needed the money. After all, she and Bill were "dead broke."

From the album Mock the Vote (2015).

Week of October 10

Donald Trump's definition of "debate prep": holding a surprise pre-debate press conference with some of the women who accused Bill Clinton in the past. Which is strange, since back when real Republicans were attacking Bill, Trump was publicly praising Hillary. Trump even called special prosecutor Ken Starr "a total wacko." Republicans overplayed their hand then, and it's a strategy that's not likely to work any better now, though it will thrill some of the nostalgic GOP base.

From the album First Lady and the Tramp (1999).

Week of October 3

Tim Kaine faces off tomorrow against Mike Pence in the first and only vice presidential debate. There's no sign at all that the debate will be memorable, unless one or both of them drop that nice guy demeanor. It's definitely not a requirement for the job.

Week of September 26

Donald Trump has a very, very simple message for voters. As a master of reality TV, he won't let it get lost in the debate.

From the album What to Expect When You're Electing (2016).