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Dennis Rodman in North Korea You can get inside info on North Korea from Dennis Rodman, or you can get it from us. See scenes from live performances on our YouTube channel.

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"A machine gun of comedy" — review from DC Theatre Scene.

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Rita Jenrette Our name was taken from a racy Washington scandal of the time we began, in 1981. Just recently, former congressional wife Rita Jenrette spoke out and denied the legend, 30 years later! We're sticking with her original story.

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Week of July 18

This week the G.O.P. will finally embrace Donald Trump, whose right to be the nominee was never, ever in doubt — in his own mind. Now he's ready to start the fall campaign and share his vision of how beautiful America will be under President Trump. Starting, of course, with his plans to renovate the White House itself and turn it into something truly classy.

Week of July 11

Democrats are hoping to unite the party after a long season of primary battles. Good luck with that! Donald Trump crushed all 17 rivals on the Republican side in just a few months, and his party still can't agree on much of anything. So what chance have Democrats got? Hillary couldn't even knock out one aging senator. Last week President Obama finally took sides and started campaigning with Hillary, and this week Bernie might finally be persuaded to endorse Hillary for president.

Week of July 4

After the United Kingdom voted for its own Independence Day with the Brexit referendum, Europe's leaders will need to crack the whip to keep any other countries from following suit.

Week of June 27

Donald Trump used to say that global warming is nonsense, a concept "created by and for the Chinese" to make the U.S. non-competitive — until it came to protecting his golf courses in Ireland and Scotland from rising sea levels. Now he wants to build sea walls to defend them from non-existent climate change, unready to gamble when his own property is at stake. Maybe that's why Al Gore now says he sees "some basis for hope," even if Trump wins.

Week of June 20

Summer officially begins this week, and gasoline prices are predicted to be at their lowest levels since John Kerry was running for president. That's good news for consumers, but it could be bad news for Donald Trump. Research suggests voters reward the party in power when economic prospects are good, and election models using gas prices to track the economy's health predict victory for Democrats. Enjoy the low prices while they last.

From our new album What to Expect When You're Electing (2016).

Week of June 13

Bernie Sanders won't give up and won't back down, even though Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination last week. He figures that if he can just persuade enough superdelegates to switch their votes, the nomination will be his. And then he'll take down Trump, or something like that. Of course, these are the same superdelegates that Sanders and his supporters used to insist should vote for the candidate with the most primary votes and pledged delegates. Back in the real world, the only superdelegates actually likely to switch sides are Bernie's.

Week of June 6

Hillary's "damn e-mails" just won't go away. A new inspector general's report from the State Department criticizes her use of do-it-yourself private e-mail for her "convenience," and this week one of her IT server specialists plans to take the Fifth after negotiating an immunity agreement with the government. Bernie Sanders hopes to win over a few last-minute superdelegates with the controversy, but Donald Trump is willing to be "fair," withholding judgment until his own attorney general takes "a very good look at it."

New! From our new album What to Expect When You're Electing (2016).

Week of May 30

Airport security has gotten out of control, and of course TSA is blaming passengers. Travelers face epic delays for screening procedures that don't even work. One proposal to speed up the lines is to have airlines waive baggage fees so travelers have less to be screened in the first place. Another idea goes further, making checked bags free and charging for carry-ons. The TSA really needs to go even further.

From the album Springtime For Liberals (2007).

Week of May 23

Nine out of ten Native Americans say in a new poll that they are not offended by the team name and mascot of the NFL's Washington Redskins™. It's a big win for owner Dan Snyder (who has been called "the Donald Trump of football," among other things). Snyder said he would "NEVER — you can use caps —" change the name. So does that put an end to the "tyranny" of political correctness? Nope. The change-the-mascot movement is still holding out for change.

From the album Mock the Vote (2015).