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Hillary and Obama If you're hoping Paul Manafort will sing like a canary, all you have to do is tune in to the Capitol Steps' year-end edition of "Politics Takes a Holiday." Ring in the new year with laughter! Join the Capitol Steps as we broadcast live with the year's biggest stars — Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Bernie Sanders, and those who were gone too soon — Sean Spicer, Tom Price, and, of course, the Mooch..

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O.J. Simpson O.J. Simpson almost got away with publishing his own version of how he got away with murder, until the public outcry of "lirty dies!". We've followed his criminal career closely over the years...

Return to Center (1996 album) Lirty Dies: J.O.

From the album Return to Center (1996).

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Rita Jenrette Our name was taken from a racy Washington scandal of the time we began, in 1981. Just recently, former congressional wife Rita Jenrette spoke out and denied the legend, 30 years later! We're sticking with her original story.

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Week of December 11

With so many cases of sexual misconduct in the news, one man took on the job of finding the truth.

Week of December 4

When the going gets tough, Trump gets tweeting. He might have finally gone too far for his own good by admitting to obstruction of justice. No, wait, it wasn't him, it was his lawyer who sent that one out. And if Trump didn't write it, then it's just more fake news!

From the album Orange Is the New Barack (2017).

Week of November 27

Mike Pence has a tough job keeping up with his boss. He opposed Roy Moore before it was cool, then supported him when Trump changed sides, then he flipped sides again when new allegations came out — and yet he's still one flip-flop behind the boss. Pence did follow orders when he walked out of the Colts-49ers football game before it started. Was that about the anthem protests or maybe about something else?

Week of November 20

Apple is once again the target of stumped law enforcement officials who can't gain access to a criminal's phone. This time, it's the Sutherland Springs shooter's iPhone (even though TouchID works on dead people's fingerprints). The F.B.I. has battled before with Apple over its encryption, demanding that the company devise a back door for agents who couldn't hack in on their own. The company resisted, and the F.B.I. finally resorted to paying professional hackers more than $1 million. Now we know, thanks to WikiLeaks, that their colleagues over at the C.I.A. had the tools they wanted all along. And thanks to the N.S.A.'s own screwups, pretty much anyone except the F.B.I. would have any easy time at it.

See live performance video on YouTube! From the album What to Expect When You're Electing (2016).

Week of November 13

The GOP has a history of investigating its own sex scandals that could come in handy if Roy Moore gets elected. Back when former Oregon Senator Bob Packwood was accused of sexually harassing his staff, the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee — none other than Mitch McConnell — documented his "gross and persistent misconduct," forcing Packwood to resign. The lesson learned? It's a really bad idea to keep detailed diaries.

From the album Return to Center (1996).

Week of November 6

Bowe Bergdahl was lucky to get captured by the Taliban and not by Donald Trump. According to Trump, the U.S. military should have summarily executed the "dirty, rotten traitor" after the controversial prisoner exchange that freed him. Ironically, Trump's comments on the campaign trail could be the reason that the military let Bergdahl off without any prison time. It looks like candidate Trump got his information about the case from the same detective service we use.

Week of October 30

Fed Chair Janet Yellen met with President Trump last week to discuss keeping her job. She says there won't be another financial crisis "in our lifetimes," which he was happy to hear, but they are both 71. At the time of the crisis things looked really scary, as if the entire economy and financial system might collapse unless bold leaders stepped in to bail out the big banks.

From the album Obama Mia! (2009).

Week of October 23

Of all the colorful characters to leave the White House since January, "The Mooch" still holds the record for shortest service. Anthony Scaramucci was communications director for all of 10 days before his off-color, on-the-record comments got him in trouble. It was a harsh lesson, so he's been trying to avoid controversy ever since.

Week of October 16

Rex Tillerson promises to continue diplomatic efforts with North Korea "until the first bomb drops" even though President Trump thinks his "wonderful" Secretary of State is wasting his time. It's certainly true that Tillerson isn't very diplomatic, but maybe the two of them are working closely on a new way to contain North Korea without going to war.

Week of October 9

The Supreme Court began its new term last week, and big issues are already up for grabs. While Republicans are thrilled to see Neil Gorsuch on the bench, Democrats worry about how long the aging liberal justices can continue to serve.

From the album Orange Is the New Barack (2017).

Week of October 2

O.J. Simpson just walked out of jail as a free man — again. This time, it was after serving ten years for armed robbery. Last time, it was in 1995 after being acquitted for murder. Lots of people, on many sides, still wonder how that happened. Not Donald Trump, though. After the acquittal, Trump said O.J. was framed, according to newly released documents. (Blood evidence in the Bronco? "Fifty people could have planted it!") For everyone else, we bring back this simple guide to what actually happened.

From the album A Whole Newt World (1995).