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Howard Baker (1925-2014) Former senator Howard Baker served as President Reagan's last chief of staff, replacing Don Regan. Two of his biggest challenges: managing the Iran-Contra scandal, and dealing with Nancy.

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Rita Jenrette Our name was taken from a racy Washington scandal of the time we began, in 1981. Just recently, former congressional wife Rita Jenrette spoke out and denied the legend, 30 years later! We're sticking with her original story.

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Week of July 21

Immigrants flooding the border have put Arizona back in the spotlight. The new arrivals are too young to drive, too dangerous to let stay, and too confusing for border-state politicians. If the illegals can't be deported right away, they can be sent to blue states instead.

From the album Desperate Housemembers (2011).

Week of July 14

Amazon wasn't kidding about plans to aggressively expand its service. Lately the retailer has been under attack from publishers, from writers, from the FTC — and even from the French. So the company that will sell you everything from books to music to your very own quadcopter just petitioned the FAA for a regulatory exemption from the ban on domestic drones so it can unleash its latest marketing weapon.

New! From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of July 7

The Supreme Court's job is to settle controversies, not stir them up, but in the Hobby Lobby case it did both! Its decision gave closely-held companies conscientious objector status for their deeply-held religious beliefs, and now the court will have to resolve the next legal issue in dozens more pending lawsuits about birth control coverage under Obamacare.

From the album Fiscal Shades of Gray (2013).

Week of June 30

Beach trips and tourism in Crimea are down this year, so you can still get a good deal on a great family getaway this summer. The new Ukranian government thinks Russia will eventually have to cooperate, but Vladimir Putin prefers to do things his own way.

Week of June 23

Redskins owner Dan Snyder once again lost the trademark rights to his football team's un-PC name. And just like last time, we've got a solution to the controversy that could satisfy everyone from Rush Limbaugh to PETA.

Week of June 16

Lindsey Graham is something of a counter-insurgency expert, having stomped out tea party opposition in his recent primary. Now the Republican senator has some great advice for avoiding complete chaos in Iraq. He wants the "stubborn-headed," "delusional," and "detached" president to team up with Iran against the Sunni insurgents. As luck would have it, President Obama has just the right man for that mission.

New! From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of June 9

Hillary Clinton has a another new book out, once again. Which means she's getting ready to run...once again. It also means she'll have to face up to some hard choices from her past, and we don't mean Benghazi.

From the albums Campaign and Suffering (2008) and Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad (2004).

Week of June 2

John Kerry and other foreign policy experts try to take the long view about Russia's ambitions, but what about ordinary Americans? What do they think about the recent crisis in Ukraine and Crimea? It turns out that the less Americans know about Ukraine, the more they want to intervene.

Week of May 26

When things are rough in Washington, there's nothing like a long-distance photo-op with the troops to try to boost your image. Except that on President Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan, the White House blew the cover of the CIA station chief in its press materials. Oops! Good thing they weren't as careless three years ago during the top-secret mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

From the album Take the Money and Run for President (2012).