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Rita Jenrette Our name was taken from a racy Washington scandal of the time we began, in 1981. Just recently, former congressional wife Rita Jenrette spoke out and denied the legend, 30 years later! We're sticking with her original story.

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Week of November 23

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was lucky to get captured by the Taliban and not by Donald Trump. According to Trump, the U.S. military should have summarily executed the "dirty, rotten traitor." Really? Republicans in Congress were already on the case, but they don't know war like Donald: "I'm really good at war. I love war in a certain way, but only when we win." It looks like Trump gets his facts from the same detective service we always use.

Week of November 16

Marco Rubio has been getting more and more heat and skepticism for his past positions on immigration now that he's raising his profile in the debates and his standing in the polls. Sen. Rubio used to be one of the most immigration-friendly Republicans. Now that his GOP colleagues accuse him of cheap talk and even conspiracy, the Senator's only friends are south of the border...

From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of November 9

Canada's new prime minister wants a "fresh start" with President Obama, who just killed the Keystone XL Pipeline project that liberal Justin Trudeau supported. Obama already reversed Congressional approval with a rare veto, and now he hopes to have buried the pipeline for good.

See a live performance on YouTube. From the album Mock the Vote (2015).

Week of November 2

Open enrollment season begins, and millions of Americans are reviewing their healthcare options. Employees with private insurance often face confusing choices. For those counting on Obamacare, it'll be easier this year. With some insurers leaving the marketplace, others hiking rates, red states rejecting Medicaid expansion, and co-ops collapsing, there will be fewer choices to confuse you when bargain shopping on And those technical problems? Officials claim that this year's site will be 40% faster than last year's.

From our album, How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of October 26

Last week Hillary got everything she wanted. She survived the Benghazi interrogation in Congress, she didn't lose any more revealing e-mails, and her biggest rival dropped out of contention for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

From our new album, Mock the Vote (2015).

Week of October 19

When Hillary Clinton testifies again before Congress this week, the battle of conspiracy theories resumes. Republicans think she's covering up, and Democrats think the committee is out to get her. For her part, Hillary says she "doesn't have much to add" for the eighth committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of October 12

House Republicans have a new way out of their leadership crisis: the return of Speaker Newt! It turns out you don't have to actually be in Congress to be speaker, and Gingrich says he'd have a "moral obligation" to accept if House Republicans came to him with 218 votes already committed. Of course, the chance of 218 House Republicans agreeing on anything at this point is only slightly greater than the chance they'd elect Hillary to be speaker. But just in case, Gingrich is trying to get Paul Ryan out of the way, so it's a good time to recall how well things started out the last time Newt took over the job.

From the album A Whole Newt World (1995).

Week of October 5

Bernie Sanders is drawing huge crowds for his rallies and keeps climbing in the polls. In Boston last weekend, the Democratic presidential candidate drew twice as many people as Barack Obama did eight years ago and three times more than the entire population of...Montpelier. The Vermont senator's grassroots supporters are sending him so much money in small donations that he doesn't need to rely on the same big donors as Hillary and the Republicans.

Week of September 28

Bye, bye Boehner! The long-suffering Speaker announced his surprise resignation from the House, and conservatives are rejoicing. He's been such a disappointment since he took office five years ago, and now there will be harmony in the party with the hard-liners able to get important stuff done.

See a live performance video on YouTube. Originally from the album Desperate Housemembers (2011).

Week of September 21

Pope Francis, widely admired by American Catholics and non-Catholics alike, addresses Congress this week. But he wasn't always so popular. Or infallible. Back in Argentina, he used to be considered "kind of a jerk" by his fellow priests before he learned to be humble. Just like Donald Trump!

Originally from the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).
New! See a live performance video on YouTube.