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Week of June 18

Immigration politics is heating up on both sides of the southern border. At the recent G-7 summit, President Trump offered to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan. Which could be a problem, because he doesn't even have that many! Unless he changes his mind, yet again, and lets more in.

See live performance video on YouTube. From the album Orange Is the New Barack (2017).

Week of June 11

Justin Trudeau is diplomatic, but no match for his late father. When President Nixon insulted Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau — using much stronger language than "dishonest & weak" — the elder Trudeau replied, "I've been called worse things by better people." Canada now plans to retaliate by imposing its own trade barriers on imports from the U.S. of steel, aluminum, and liberals trying to move north. So the next time Trump says Americans should leave the country, they might have one less place to go.

See live performance video on YouTube. From the album What to Expect When You're Electing (2016).

Week of June 4

Rudy Giuliani latest gem: Trump could have shot James Comey to end the Russia investigation, and he couldn't be indicted for it. That would have been a lot faster — and cheaper! — than firing him. Trump plans to add one more legal point he learned from former President Nixon: "when the president does it, that means it is not illegal."

Week of May 28

Obamacare premiums are set to jump 15 percent next year, according to a new CBO report. That could lead to a "death spiral" that pushes up the number of uninsured Americans. If you're among them, don't worry! There are cheaper ways to get health care.

Week of May 21

Pope Francis is the first non-European pope in more than 1,200 years, and he's using every opportunity to shift the geographic balance of cardinal electors who will pick his successor. He has already appointed 60 cardinals, and in a surprise annoucement Sunday he said he would add 14 more from around the world.

Week of May 14

House Republicans are working hard to give President Trump what he wants. So if they can't stop the witch hunt, they'll at least make sure he gets the big military parade he's been dying for since he saw one in France. And the Pentagon is going along.

See a live performance video on YouTube.

Week of May 7

Trump calls the nuclear deal with Iran "a disaster." John Bolton, his new national security adviser, is even blunter. But the man who negotiated the deal, former secretary of state John Kerry, has been quietly working behind the scenes to keep the deal alive.

From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of April 30

Bernie Sanders is running as an independent for reelection to the Senate this year, after that whole Democratic Party thing didn't work out for him in 2016. He hasn't announced what he'll run as in 2020, but he does have a campaign message.

Week of April 23

Scott Pruitt's message for Earth Day: since the E.P.A.'s job is mostly done already, it's time to roll back all those pesky regulations that we no longer need. If you want an even greener world, you'll just have to warm up to the idea of doing more in your own everyday life.

From the album Liberal Shop of Horrors (2010).